The Hype and Anticlimax of Blood Moons

So much hype over Sunday night’s blood moon.  While it’s always cool to watch eclipses, no matter when they are, I’m still flabbergasted that the Christian world has resorted to using Astrology to predict Biblical events.  Yes, that’s exactly what it is, ASTROLOGY.  When you take any astronomical event and apply it to world events, wars, people’s moods or character, and/or make predictions or forecasting using celestial bodies, that is the very definition of the language of ASTROLOGY!


If Christian pastors want to use Astrology, then please come out of denial and admit that that is what they are doing, and stop trying to pawn it off as Astronomy, which does not predict human events, except for maybe meteor showers, comets, and asteroids as well as the accurate measurement and timing of new and full moons, eclipse patterns and retrogrades.  As soon as you start using any of these celestial events and apply them to world events, or match them up with Bible prophecy, you’re in the realm of ASTROLOGY.

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I know, after I got my Astronomy degree in 1988, I began studying Astrology in a much more serious manner, than most who read horoscopes for entertainment. I studied each and every Astrological system in our history, comparing it to today’s western and eastern astrology, I was unfriended and rejected by my oldest childhood friend, because it was ‘unchristian’, I was judged by other Christian friends for even studying astrology.

Yet in spite of proving Astrology to them, through multiple scriptures, as well as in well written classic books such as “God’s Voice In The Stars”, by Kenneth C. Flemming, “Signs In The Heavens” by Marilyn Hickey, to some of the older classics, “The Witness of the Stars” by Rev. Ethelbert, W. Bullinger, D.D., “The Astrology of the Old Testament” by Karl Anderson, and the all-time classic, “The Gospel In The Stars or Primeval Astronomy” by Joseph A. Seiss, D.D., LL.D, that Astrology was God’s language, not Satan’s, I was rejected from fellowship with my Christian friends over it.

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And now, here I am, nearly 30 years later, I can’t get through a day without seeing Christians posting all kinds of Astrological projections on Blood Moons and Eclipses on the internet.  Ironic?  Or something more?  Not to mention the fact that they have been wrong, particularly on all the recent date setting on the end of the world tribulation period starting, or the rapture happening on the Feast of Tabernacles.


If I was using Astrology to forecast, I would not solely focus on Eclipse patterns, but on the movement of the other planets as well.  How about the fact that our solar system is now hosting a 10th planet called, ‘Nibiru’, or Planet X, whose mass is 100x that of Jupiter and has 4 moons orbiting it?  How come I don’t hear any of the Christian Astrologers using this ‘sign’ in the heavens to predict Biblical events?  Except for Douglas Elwell, who wrote, Planet X: The Sign of the Son of Man.   I would gladly prefer more corroborative information on using this celestial event, than all the hype on lunar eclipses.


For e.g., the larger cycle within this present eclipse pattern, is a solar/lunar wobble happening simultaneously with Mercury in retrograde.  Mercury in retrograde is just as big of a celestial phenomenon as eclipses are, which also happen like clockwork. And even the most unbelieving of all unbelievers out there, will acquiesce to the “effects” of Mercury in retrograde in their daily lives, in business, communications, transportation and technology.  It’s as if Murphy’s law has temporarily taken over (whatever could possibly go wrong, will – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).  More accidents than any other time, more sudden illnesses, more misunderstandings and miscommunications, and more transportation delays than any other time occur during Mercury in retro.  And the beauty of Mercury in retrograde just like eclipses, you can set your watch to them, and they do affect all of us on some level.   Which by the way, Mercury has been in retrograde since September 17 through October 9, 2015.  It’s the worst time to sign contracts, which almost always fall apart and don’t end well.


So, should a Christian live their lives according to Astrology?  Not really, because God can over ride the powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness of this present world, and the spiritual wickedness that exists today in the heavens (see Ephesians 6:12), however, should anyone venture out unprepared in the middle of a storm?  That wouldn’t exactly be wise, no matter what or who you believe in.  And so it is with using the ‘signs’ in the heavens as markers and sign posts to the signs of the times.

Firstly, let me add, that even the best Astrologers out there, have only a 75-80% rate of accuracy when it comes to forecasting.  Somethings we can expect with forecasting, just like meteorologists, which is the only field that people can predict all kinds of stuff, and still be wrong and keep their jobs.  Astrology is very much like meteorology.  Which is only as good as the forecaster, and then there is that margin of error, which is the Spirit of God, which can just about over-ride ANY celestial event, at any time.  For e.g., I just posted last week, when NASA scientists proved the Bible correct when they discerned the missing time that occurred when the LORD stopped the sun and the moon in Joshua 10:13:

“So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jasher. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.”

So if the Bible is the entire Word of God, and the Book of Jasher is mentioned in the Word of God, then why isn’t the Book of Jasher included in the Bible canon?  The answer to that question is a whole another essay, which I include in my book series, Who’s Who In The Cosmic Zoo?, A Guide to ETs, Aliens, Gods & Angels.

Back to Astrological predictions, when the LORD over rides His own Creation, in a supernatural way, that is why Astrology has never been and will never be a 100% accurate language or science.  Yes, it is a science, because it follows rhythms and patterns, and collects tons of data along the way, that is used for forecasting.  But it can never be 100% accurate mainly because there are other factors that Astrologers do not see, nor take into account, like the supernatural interventions of God, His extraterrestrial angelic armies, alien interferences, and a host of celestial anomalies that are still a mystery to earth’s scientists and astrologers.  So why, are Christian pastors resorting to using Astrology now?

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There is so much stuff here, that people are just not seeing.  Let me just start with one falsehood, which seems to be going around with the Hebrew Roots movement peeps, who are claiming that there won’t be another blood moon for another 500 years on a Jewish Feast day.  This is simply not true.  In 17 years from now, another Tetrad of blood moon lunar eclipses will occur, just like we just had, that will in fact be on Jewish feast days, April 14, 2033 is Passover.  Don’t believe me?  The following chart comes from

Martin Armstrong writes: “In truth, the Tetrad that lines up with Passover is this one in 2015 and the next one will be curiously with the peak on the major ECM Wave in 2032 followed by 2061. The differential between 2015 and 2032 is about 17.2 years or two 8.6 intervals. Between 2032 and 2061 is nearly a full Pi cycle of 31.4 years. This is a Longitudinal Wave – not Transverse and therefore it produces a pattern of repetitive cycles – not a perfectly structured wave.

21st century eclipse Tetrads:

Eclipse #1 Eclipse #2 Eclipse #3 Eclipse #4
May 16, 2003 November 9, 2003 May 4 , 2004 October 28, 2004
April 15, 2014*+ October 8, 2014 April  4, 2015*+ September 28, 2015
April 25, 2032 October 18, 2032 April 14, 2033*+ October 8, 2033
March 25, 2043* September 19, 2043 March 13, 2044 September 7, 2044
May 6, 2050 October 30, 2050 April 26, 2051 October 19, 2051
April  4, 2061*+ September 29, 2061 March 25, 2062* September  18, 2062
March 4, 2072 August 28, 2072 February 22, 2073 August 17, 2073
March 15, 2090 September 8, 2090 March 5, 2091 August 29, 2091
*Paschal Full Moon
+Eclipse coincides with Passover

Here’s the thing, as I’ve written in previous blogs, all Jewish Feast days, happen on Full moons and New Moons.  The likelihood, that those full moons will be lunar eclipses, and new moons will be solar eclipses are really NOT that rare!  The calendars have been severely messed with, starting with Pope Gregory, (which is today’s Gregorian calendar), which is only a solar calendar.  Out of all the calendars, the Jewish calendar is really the most accurate astronomically, as it is based on both solar and lunar calculations, unlike the Arabic/Muslim calendar, which is strictly lunar.  (No wonder they produce so many lunatics) 😉 lol.

Seriously, lunar eclipses happen like clockwork, every 6 months.  Blood moons, approximately every 17-30 years.  Not so rare.  Being that Jewish feast days are always on full moons and new moons, making it more likely that both solar and lunar eclipses will occur on Jewish feast days, more often than not.

Eclipses, both solar and lunar always brings changes.  This is God’s plan that goes according to His celestial calendar and schedule.  To suggest that the scriptures about the terrible day of the Lord, when the Lord returns to earth to ‘judge’ the earth, all pivots on a blood moon lunar eclipse, in my opinion after studying both astrology and Bible scripture for 35 years, is a gross misinterpretation of both astrology and scripture.

I write in my books, that the event predicted in Joel 2:31 is not an eclipse, but a supernatural celestial event.  Think about this, scientifically speaking, it is impossible for both the sun and the moon to darken at the same time, when the sun is darkened, that is a solar eclipse.  When the moon is darkened, or appears to be a red/amber/blood color, that is a total lunar eclipse. Solar and lunar eclipses happen 2 weeks apart, not on the same day.

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes.”  (Joel 2:31)

Joel 2:31 is not referencing an eclipse, but something far worse, which is nothing that goes according to the celestial clock of solar and lunar eclipses which happen like clockwork.  Firstly, you can’t have the sun darkened (which typically happens during a solar eclipse) and the moon turning into blood (which happens on blood moon lunar eclipses) at the same time!  It goes against the laws of physics.  Secondly, if Joel 2:31 was referring to a eclipse, there are two weeks between a solar and a lunar eclipse, so this could not possibly happen on the same day.  Thirdly, as many have recently witnessed, the time the moon turns blood red in appearance, lasts about an hour or so, Joel 2:31 is specifically speaking about a whole day. Fourthly, in order for both the sun and the moon to go dark, something else needs to be interfering.  And lastly, the scripture does not say, the moon will appear to look like blood, the Hebrew scripture says, the moon will turn into blood.  This is an entirely different scenario than a regular blood moon lunar eclipse, which again, are NOT as rare, as many are purporting them to be.


A comet, an asteroid, or an alien star wars type event, would all qualify for turning the sun dark and the moon into blood on the same day.  If anyone has read by book, which details the UFO cover-up, and the fact that both the Moon and Mars are inhabited, (and I’m not just talking about water ;-))  then you would understand that this end time scripture could be taken literally, not metaphorically, and that actual blood can be shed on the moon.

A comet or an asteroid would produce so much dust in our atmosphere, which would darken the sun and the moon would ‘appear’ to be darkened similar to the blood color of a lunar eclipse, but Joel 2:31 does not say that exactly.

Until that day comes, people will believe what they want to believe.  If only all these so-called Christian pastors and leaders received half the persecution I did for even looking at astrology, I bet after all the buildup of yesterday’s eclipse, which did not bring the tribulation, the rapture, or the end of the world, they should all go back to ‘soul searching’, and stop trying to use Astrology to match Bible scriptures.  In fact, if more people sought after revelation from the Holy Spirit, then more people would understand the Bible scriptures than following after the spirit of fundamentalism, which is the spirit of religion.  No spirit received more ‘woes’ from Jesus Christ, then the spirit of religion.  (See, Matthew 23)

There is much more to our multiverse galaxy universe than Astrology, so much more that most Christians are not seeing it, it is a blind spot.  As many of my friends know, I’m a big believer in Bible prophecy, but so much of it is misunderstood, because so much of it is lost in translation.

Hebrew is a very specific language.  Between losing so much of its meaning through transliterations, and taking so much of it as ‘metaphor’, when so much of it is literal, is where I believe so many get lost and confused, and this is a big focus of my 2nd book, as I prove through the Hebrew language just ‘who’ the cast of characters are in the Old Testament, which are all translated into English Bibles, as ‘God’.


In my upcoming book, “Who Is God?” which is Book Two in my series, I prove in over 600 pp all the places in the scriptures that has been misunderstood due to mistranslations, mistransliterations, and a general misunderstanding of the words used to describe futuristic events, technologies that were beyond human comprehension during the writing of the scriptures.


While many are so fond of looking at the scriptures as ‘metaphor’, and yes, some are, like poetry and the multiple parables that Christ spoke of, I am proving, that as bizarre as it may sound to some, many of the Bible Prophecies particularly those pointing to the End Times scenarios leading up to the return of the Lord and the terrible day of the Lord, are not metaphors, but literal.

You’ll have to read my 2nd book, to get all the details, and all the scriptures, that I prove are literal.

My purpose is to shed ‘understanding’ where there has been misunderstanding, and to hopefully enlighten Eschatologists both linguistically, scientifically and technologically.  Yes, technologically, which is why so many people misinterpret these key End-Time scriptures, which is necessary to have at least a working knowledge of technology, UFOs, aliens, angels, gods and ETs, from both the past, present and future.  And the “Beast” of the book of Revelation is an actual alien being, not a government, or system of things, as many have misinterpreted from the past.  If you saw some of these Draconian/Reptilian Beings with horns, wings and even a tail, I bet you would describe it as a ‘beast’.  So why would St. John, who was given the Revelation and the Visions of the End Times, be any different?


As far as ‘when’ the return of the Messiah will be?  There are plenty of scriptures that tell us, that the future event known to many as the Rapture, which is called the “Gathering” and the “Harvest” by the angels, will happen when people ‘least’ expect it.

However, when you see the 3rd temple rebuilt in Jerusalem, then start counting down to the end. Until then there’s a whole another chapter of End Times prophecies that must pan out first before Messiah returns.  Such as WW3, the End Times Mass Deception of Aliens, the One World Government, One Religion and Global currency, the times of the Antichrist, the final 7 year Tribulation and then the Lord returns, not before.

That means, groups or churches gathering outside waiting on Christ’s return during blood moons, just won’t cause the rapture to happen any sooner.  Yep, believe it or not, this actually did happen this past month when people thought the Shemitah was going to usher in the rapture.  All the Blood Moon hype reminds me of what took place in the 1990s, when Sheldon Niddle told people that the Sirians (from the star Sirius, not the country), were returning to a beach in Hawaii, and a group of people left their homes and families, went to the beach and waited, and, yep, you got it, nothing happened.  And then a few years later, as if that experience wasn’t enough of an embarrassment to teach people a lesson, there was the Heaven’s Gate cult, who all literally drank the Kool Aid, so they could hitch a ride on the spaceship that was tailgating the Haley’s Comet. .facebook_326784870

This kind of stuff happens to people through the agency of ‘spirits’, demons and your local yokel Gray Sauroid alien disinformation campaign, who literally get off on watching people whip themselves up into a frenzy.  Yes, these beings actually do energetically and spiritually feed off of people’s energies, particularly fear.  It’s also called a “religious spirit”, which is no respecter of religions, and that includes New Agers and Christians too.  Want more proof?  Need more info, read Book One, Who’s Who In The Cosmic Zoo?





Martin Armstrong, The Coming Tetrad: The Blood Moons, April 9, 2014,

Ella LeBain, Who’s Who In The Cosmic Zoo? Book One, Third Edition,


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