If you ask Astronomers why Venus is so bright, you’ll likely get the answer, it’s because its thick clouds reflect most of the sunlight that reaches it, approximately 70% of its light back into space. And because Venus is the closest planet to Earth, it appears to us as a bright and shining star. Depending on its retrograde cycles, Venus can be seen either within a few hours after sunset or before sunrise, making it the brightest object in the sky from earth, (other than the full moon, but that only lasts 3 days when full).

Historically speaking, Venus has been mistaken for being an UFO more than any other object in our skies, because of its brightness and the illusion that it’s brightness causes, when it twinkles and appears to move, but this is merely a trick on the eyes.  Yes, Venus moves in its orbit, but certainly not as fast as a UFO.  However, lately, Venus appears to have slowed down.

Recently, Venus is extraordinarily bright from 2016-2017, that it appears to have a wingspan, which is creating an awful lot of buzz amongst sky watchers and astronomers all over the globe (yes, globe!)  All the planets are spheres, and that includes Earth!

There are a few theories as to why Venus is so bright lately: Most Astronomers agree that the presence of two Brown Dwarf Stars intersecting our solar system is putting a drain on the sun causing the sun’s magnetism along with the Brown Dwarf star to stall the orbits of Venus and Mars, which has pushed them back a bit from their normal orbits around the sun.  Nemesis the brown dwarf star is pulling in opposition causing the earth’s core to heat up.  Earthquakes are more common inside the core than the surface, although both are happening in what appears to be a pattern based on the positioning of these celestial objects around the sun.  The wingspan on Venus is brighter than usual due to another light source creating this sky phenomenon.  No doubt, something is certainly affecting our entire solar system, throwing all the planets slightly off orbit and slowing them down.

Then there are celestial objects in motion to Venus.  As Venus is slowing there is a shrinking of earth’s heliosphere the closer Nemesis (our Sun’s twin Brown Dwarf Star) becomes perihelion with our Sun.  In addition to Nemesis, it’s exoplanets, i.e., Planet 9 which is the giant blue planet, are causing the sun to tilt and wobble.  These solar and lunar wobbles are accentuated during eclipse times, when both the sun and the moon cross over the lunar nodes which are invisible mathematical points on the ecliptic plane.  The sun is not going to sleep, but it is showing signs of being drained, producing more solar flares, sun spots and coronal mass ejections, which is essentially the sun belching fire and energy from its own internal pole shift transformation.

Thirdly, there are beings, who are put in charge of solar systems, called Ultraterrestrials, who are high level extraterrestrial angels who serve the Creator and are monitoring the changes taking place. Please see Book One of Who’s Who in The Cosmic Zoo? for a full description and scriptural references of the Ultraterrestrials.  The Bible calls them Elohim, which I defined in my book series, as the ‘gods’ because of its plurality in Hebrew linguistics. As I laid out in Book Two: Who Is God? these beings pilot very large starships, and were ordered by the Lord to ‘patrol’ the earth. (Zechariah 6:7)

We are seeing these ships show up on SOHO’s photos of the sun, and while NASA would like you to believe that this black object which seems to hover over Venus is merely a gas storm, in my photos, taken on two separate days, 2-3 days apart, shows that this black object seems to move around Venus, is not stationed on the same area every day.  This could be since this gas storm is moving around Venus like a hurricane moves, but it’s shape appears to stay the same nevertheless, and it never diminishes, nor dissipates its shape.  This object could be a ship put in charge of monitoring changes on Venus due to its proximity with the Nemesis objects, or it could be a satellite, as the Black Night Satellite has been put into orbit on Earth and seen since Medieval times.

The Ultraterrestrial beings are often mistaken for the angelic realms because of their service.  These are the same beings that piloted the Chariots of Fire that took Elijah off planet in 2 Kings 2:10 and Enoch back and forth on his travels (see Books of Enoch), which is why both Enoch and Elijah never died on earth, because they were lifted-up by these beings into their starships and brought to heaven where the Lord’s Throne and Courts exist. It is these same beings that will be here to clean up the mess that the planet is in after the planet of crossing, which is Nibiru, completes its crossing of earth and our sun.  It is these same ETs that will be orchestrating the ‘Gathering’ of God’s redeemed, which is known to Evangelicals as the Rapture, and to New Agers as the Ascension.  As I define in my 3rd book, the rapture is the lifting off of all those the Creator God is calling back home to Himself, from this planet into the heavenly realms, which is exactly what the word ascension means. The angels refer to it as ‘The Gathering’, i.e., Harvest, per Matthew 13:39.  However, this prophesied event is going to be done en-masse based on salvation through Jesus Christ, not individually, as many New Agers mistakenly believe.

Nevertheless, we’re on the threshold of something glorious, something the world has never seen before. The coming of heaven to earth.  Jesus warned us, that there would be ‘signs in the heavens’ prior to His return.  These signs, are not solar and lunar eclipses, which happen like clockwork every six months, but are the presence of exoplanets showing up in cameras and telescopes all over the world. The phenomenon of Venus being extraordinarily bright, is but a relationship between cause and effect.

But before Heaven comes to earth, this world is going to be cleansed by fire and water as it goes through its earth changes, pole shifts and will be hit by meteorites, fireballs and comets, one of which comes out of Nibiru, named Wormwood.  Nibiru will not hit the earth, but it’s iron oxide atmosphere and its wings is a magnet for all kinds of space junk.  As it passes through our asteroid belt, it will no doubt dislodge meteorites, fireballs and comets towards earth.  Some will be a near miss, others, will be a near hit.  It’s a fact that fireballs entering earth’s atmosphere has increased in the past decade, and these numbers will only go up as this planetary body crosses orbits with earth and ricochets around the sun.  This period will be God’s judgment on the wicked.  This will bring about the terrible Day of the Lord, that was prophesied by the Old Testament prophets.  See, Isaiah 66. Joel 2:23.

Please see, Book Three: Who Are the Angels? Chapter Sixteen: The Second Coming and Nibiru, pp.338-363, published by Skypath Books, December 15, 2016.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Disclosure and the Truth Revealed


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